The garden of yesteryear

The garden of yesteryear


And by yesteryear I mean last year.

This is a snippet of the flowerbed last June. The echinacea (coneflower) was blooming, and so were the poppies that had self-seeded from the year before. (I’m hoping they come back again this year!) The spiky-looking plant on the left is a red hot poker that was just starting to bloom, I think. You can see a bit of red on it. There are two of those in the bed, although I can’t tell in this picture if you can see both of them.

To the right of the red hot poker is some self-seeded rudbeckia that wasn’t blooming yet. The year before, I planted two of those, I think, and neither one made it through the winter but tons of little fuzzy plants started popping up from the seeds, which was cool.

There’s also some marigolds in there, and the upper left is a sunflower with its giant leaves. The other side of the fence has more sunflowers, and there’s a yellow miniature rose bush in the flowerbed but not in the picture. (And pay no attention to the fact that I am terrible at weeding.)

So this is about what things will look like this summer! The echinacea is already starting to come back, the rose bush has new growth, and I’m pretty sure the little fuzzy baby rudbeckias are popping up again. I’ll keep an eye out for the poppies, and I definitely want to get some spring-blooming perennials in there this year.

A few more leftover pictures from last year:


Mint! This container had three different types of mint: chocolate, orange, and lavender. (The chocolate one smelled like a York peppermint patty.) It all died off over the winter, but some of it has started to come back.


I don’t seem to have a picture of the tomato garden at hand, but here’s some sad tomatoes that succumbed to blossom-end rot. I can’t remember which kind these were; green zebra, maybe? When I looked up the causes of blossom-end rot, I figured it was my fault for not watering them regularly. This was still pretty early, though, and the plant ended up having tomatoes that were unaffected.

Last picture, of a backyard visitor:

baby possum

Baby possum! They’re much cuter when they’re tiny. This little guy (or girl) was discovered by my dog Lola one day in the corner of our yard, hanging out in the neighbor’s plants (aka very overgrown weeds). There were three or four of them hiding in there, luckily just out of Lola’s easy reach. They weren’t too happy at being discovered, though.

Thus ends our trip through the garden (and back yard) of yesteryear.

…At least until I find some more pictures.


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