Sushi & butterflies

Sushi & butterflies

The long-delayed Cincinnati trip post! On an unspecified Thursday!

Lots of pictures in this post, starting off with lunch on the trip: sushi from Fusian, a.k.a. the reason we even went to Cincinnati in the first place.

(There’s a piece missing because I forgot to take a picture before I ate one. But at least I remembered to take one at all!)

Fusian is an Ohio-based independent chain restaurant that operates rather like a Subway, Qdoba, or Chipotle — except with sushi (yay!). You go down the line and pick what you want, starting with a nori wrap vs. a soy wrap, continuing to your choice of rice (white or brown), protein (including raw, cooked, and tofu options), and whatever toppings you want to stuff in there. Then they cut it into 10 pieces and add whatever sauces you want. The sushi in the picture, if I remember correctly, was half-salmon, half-tuna (both raw), with every topping (mostly veggies, plus cream cheese) minus cucumbers (because they’re gross), and with wasabi mayo on top. It was very very tasty.

So basically they have fast, customizable sushi at really decent prices. It’s amazing.

I first went to Fusian when they opened a location in Dayton while I happened to be in town. I’ve been a few times since, in Dayton and Cincinnati. They also have locations in Columbus, but unfortunately nothing in Kentucky yet. Come to Louisville, guys!! (Please!)

So after having our sushi lunch, we (my mom, my niece, and I) decided to be cultured. My mom and I had been talking about going to Ikea and Jungle Jim’s while we were there (which I mentioned before), but I had looked up stuff to do in Cincinnati and found out that there was a cool Japanese art exhibit going on at the Cincinnati Art Museum, and a butterfly show thing at the nearby Krohn Conservatory. So we did that instead. Culture! And bugs!

First, right after leaving Fusian, we walked around the block to the Cincinnati location of 21c Museum Hotel. We’d all been to the one in Louisville (just to look at the art, not to stay…although I’m totally going to one day), so we wanted to see what was different. It was pretty cool, just like the one here, and also included a piece of interactive digital art. (In Louisville, it’s falling letters on a screen that will rest on your shadow; in Cincinnati it was part of the floor that changed when you walked on it. Both very cool.)

Of course it was raining around this time, so we got to walk around in the rain because we were all dumb and left the umbrellas in the car. Oh well. By the time we got to the museum the rain had stopped. We parked a little way away and walked up the sidewalk to the museum, passing by this area with a really nice view of downtown Cincinnati:

downtown Cincinnati

(It’s probably much more picturesque on a clear day, but it was still cool.)

There’s a tooooon of stuff in the art museum, and we didn’t have the time to look through everything, but the Japanese exhibit was really neat. One of the scrolls on display was of a sunflower, and it was really really pretty — so of course, when I saw they had (much smaller) reproductions on sale at the gift shop, I was excited. My mom was nice enough to buy one for me:

sunflower print
The tag says it’s by Katsushika Hokusai in 1848.

The reflections are because it’s still in the plastic…because I still haven’t figured out where to put it!

The other temporary exhibit we looked at was about some fashion designer whose name I can’t remember, but it was all stuff from like…sometime in the 20th century. I can’t even remember what decade, but I want to say the 50s and 60s? Anyway it was kind of neat.

Before we left we had some warm drinks at the front counter. It was actually a nice coincidence, because my mom and I had decided we wanted some tea, but the little cafe in the musuem was already closed — then we get back to the front and discover they actually have a Keurig and sell coffee, tea, and hot chocolate right there at the counter. Between the three of us we had one of each. (Tea for me, of course! Although I do love hot chocolate.)

After that we headed down to the Conservatory to see the butterflies! …Only to realize it was like 20 minutes until they closed. Oops. I should have paid more attention to the times when I was looking stuff up. But we still got to walk through, and the butterflies were still very pretty, and we still took lots of pictures.


I have no idea what kind any of these are! But the pic above and the pic below are of the same butterfly.


I’m rather fond of butterfies. But apparently not interested enough to learn what each of them were, haha. I think they were mostly from the Philippines?


It was hard to get pictures of a lot of them because they either wouldn’t hold still (or land at all!) or they were too far away. I got some good ones, though, I think.


These ones (above) were a really pretty blue on the tops of their wings, which you can just barely see in this picture.


Last one! Very similar to the first one, but with a different pattern and no blue.

The Krohn Conservatory has year-round plant exhibits, including cacti and succulents, carnivorous plants, orchids, and some other stuff we didn’t have time to see since they were closing. What we did see was all really cool, and I’d love go to back and have more time to actually look at stuff. Here’s a picture of one of the orchids, though:


And then the landscaping outside was full of pansies, and I love pansies because they’re so cute and they have happy little faces. ❤


That’s all the pictures! Both the Japanese art exhibit and the butterfly show are still going on, if you want to check them out.

After we left there we drove around a bit in search of someplace to have dinner. An internet search yielded a Mexican restaurant downtown called Taqueria Mercado that sounded good, so we went to check it out. It ended up being a really good decision, because the food was awesome. It rained a bunch more while we were in there, but had let up by the time we left again, I think.

And then we came back to Louisville, thus ending the Cincinnati adventure. And this blog post.

(I have garden pictures! I meant to post them this week but got sidetracked. Next week!)


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