Garden close-ups

Garden close-ups

Quick post today, because once again I forgot I was supposed to do a post today until way late, and I still have client work to do! So have some close-up garden pics.

orange rose

One of the orange roses. I took this picture on a day it had been raining, so there’s some nice artistic raindrops on the petals. These roses are super-pretty when they first bloom, but the color starts fading pretty fast.

red hot poker flower

This is a flower spike of one of the red hot poker plants, before the color really came in. This one’s already blooming now. And the name is “red hot” but the actual flowers are definitely more of a pinkish color. Almost a reddish coral?

yellow rosebud

A rosebud on the yellow rosebush. It was hard finding one to get a decent picture of; even though the plant had┬áprobably dozens of buds, most of them were browning on the tips, probably from insect damage. It’s blooming now, but the blooms look a little sad, and a lot of the leaves have holes in them. It definitely needs to be pruned.

chives flower

Just-blooming flowers on the chives. This picture was actually taken quite a bit before the others; the flowers have all lost their color already and are looking pretty rough. They were really nice when they were all in bloom, though. (And of course, I forgot to get a picture of that.)

orange rosebud

A just-opened orange rosebud. They’re just really photogenic, okay?


Echinacea flower! Or purple coneflower, although these are more a pinkish-purple when they’re in full color. This one has since darkened quite a bit. The echinacea are super-tall this year.

And one last close-up, of a cute little ladybug on an echinacea leaf:



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