Skillet cat

Skillet cat

Connie in a skillet

The Cincinnati post is still forthcoming; it’s going to have a lot of images and I just haven’t had the time to really sit and work on it yet. Luckily I just said it would be ready  “for Thursday” with no reference to which Thursday, so as long as I post it on a Thursday I’m good. 😀

In the meanwhile, here is a Connie-cat in a skillet. This is one of her preferred nap places around the house, because cats are weird. I had put this cast iron skillet on a shelf one day to get it out of the way temporarily, but once she started using it as a napping spot I felt bad about taking it away, so it has remained there. (There’s another skillet I can use, so it’s not a big deal to let her have this one.) I keep saying I need to make a skillet-shaped bed for her.

In the flowerbed, the chives are blooming, the echinacea is giant, and the rosebush has buds on it (both of them do, actually). Pictures at some point! (I’m being even more vague now, but really I’m aiming for next week.)

Cats and plants and dogs, oh my

Cats and plants and dogs, oh my

Well, just one dog.

This is Lola:


She’s an almost-5-year-old black German Shepherd Dog (with lots of white dustings, and in this picture a stray white hair stuck to her nose), and she is very cute. You will be seeing more of her in future posts.

As promised, here are some pics of growing things — and also a few cats, because they like the nice weather, too.

First up is Logan, who at almost 15 is the oldest of the pets (or varmints, as I like to call them). He also is very into catnip, so this is his favorite place during his brief trips outside:


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